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Importance of Explainer Videos for Consulting Service Providers

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

You save everyone else, but who will save you? Think about it, you are always on a run scheduling or finding to schedule with potential clients that need someone to help solve their problems and you always come up with a plan to solve their dilemmas.

But it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the consultancy business is quite unstable. It’s a hard pill to swallow. But there will be days when you’ll pitch in for all sorts of different companies and then there will be months in when you’ll have no work.

Do you want to be able to keep balance? Keep reading to find out!

What are Consulting Services?

In simple terms, consultancy services consist of a wide range of trained and professional experts who specific companies and businesses seek advice regarding the different problems that they are facing.

There are different types of consultancy services. These include:

  • Software Consultants

  • Financial Consultant

  • Mortgage Consultants

  • B2B Consultants

  • B2C Consultants

  • Insurance Consultants

  • Credit/Loans Consultants

  • Real Estate Consultants

And well, the list can go and on as this is a rapidly growing industry and we don’t want to bore you with the knowledge that you master-in, better than anyone.

But we can interest you with our expertise, which is explainer videos.

Why must explainer videos concern you? Well, you’ll know in just a bit.

We’ve attached some explainer videos of different consultancy services with a brief summary below, just to give you an understanding of how beneficial this can be for your business.

Edge Consultants:

This animated explainer video is for a consulting service known as, “Edge Consultants” who specialize in “mindset behavioral coaching.” Through this video, they’ve pitched their target audience by assuring them as their most valuable asset. In this 104 second video, they’ve pointed out the features which set them apart from other mindsets behavioral coaching engagingly and convincingly.

Guardian Consulting Group

This 2D animated explainer video is for a consulting company known as, “Guardian Consulting Group” specializing in finance programs. This video starts with introducing the owner of a furniture shop, John, who is facing difficulties in getting his sales rate high. He opts for a payment plan that his competitor is following, but even that plays no role in increasing the conversion rate. Then the solution to his problem is introduced – Guardian Consulting Group.

Ricoh's Business Consulting Services:

This next 2-minute animated explainer video is for a business consulting service running by the name of “Ricoh’s Consulting Services.” In a very engaging manner, they provide a manageable and effective way, one can get rid of their business problems and “transform the way you do business.”

Anthesis Consulting Group

This animated explainer video is for a Design and Innovation consulting service known as “Anthesis Consulting Group.” Like the rest of the explainer video, this one also has its distinguishing features and ensures that their services guarantee what they preach in an appealing and meaningful way.

Levtech Consulting

This explainer video is for a global consulting company, “Levtech Consulting” which specializes in Corporate services, namely, Microsoft. This 2-minute explainer video is simple yet covers so many aspects of the consultancy services without boring and losing the attention of a potential client.

AG Financial Stewardship Consulting

This next motion graphics explainer video elaborately presents their financial consulting service, called “AG Financial Stewardship Consulting.” They go over the basic introduction of their service and then present different problems faced by clients with the solution that they provide. This is a 3- 3-minute explainer video, but constructing in a way, to keep the attention of its targeted audience intact.


This next animated video is for a complex consulting service “Firstco.”, which promises multiple and the right solutions the right way. It’s an international consultation service specializing in Communication and Control systems to the transport industry. It promises a team of highly trained professionals who can solve any problem, as elaborated in this engaging video.

Infinite Global Consulting Service and Sourcing

This animated explainer video focused on the multinational consultancy service “Infinite Global Consulting Service and Sourcing”, which focuses on new businesses, established businesses, and government in the manufacturing industry. They promise to get the products into the market in the quickest way possible.

RS Consulting

This last 3D animated explainer video is for “RS Consulting.” This is a service specialized in market research tools and helping a company understand the different logic behind the decision-making a customer goes through to purchase a product.

Explainer video and its importance in Consulting Services

After watching these videos, we’re sure you’re intrigued to find what purpose an explainer video serves?

An explainer video is an approximately 60-90 second video made for different and a wide range of companies, industries, and organizations that serve different products and services. These videos compile the different products and services that a business is trying to bring into the market efficiently and engagingly.

We’re not saying that there’s anything wrong with going around places, and handing out brochures and handbooks but as you can see, it’s not very cost-effective and can be very time-consuming and boring. And most of your target audience won’t even cast a second glance at them before throwing them away.

On the other hand, you invest in an explainer video, and in a blink of an eye, all of your problems are solved.

With the help of an explainer video, you’ll have a larger margin to connect with the target audience through social media portals, your website’s landing page, and other internet services.

B2B Consulting firm vs B2C consulting firm videos

Two of the most common consulting firms, Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) have their similarities and differences. It’s important to know the difference between the two to understand the kind of strategy needed to promote each of their products and services.

A B2B consulting firm will focus more on developing a long-term relationship. So that the promotion of their products and services can remain consistent and can help them get leads.

On the other hand, a B2B consulting firm will focus more to increase sales without establishing any relationship.

We hope you are satisfied with the information being presented to you and here now, is the process of how an explainer video is made for consulting services like yourself.

Process of making an explainer video for Consulting firms

We believe the client’s review matters the most. And for that reason, we create our explainer videos with simplicity and keep the minor details in mind. So, no point is missed out.

We have a professionally trained team that works with the same belief, “quality over everything”.

Here is an overview of how masterpieces are created:

Concept Development

Identifying the target audience

This is the foremost step you need to establish because without specifying a target audience, you’ll have no idea of how to get your message sent across. By identifying the target audience, you can also get the main pain points that each of your customers experiences to create a better understanding of your point of focus.

  • What’s the message?

  • What are you trying to market?

  • What is your goal?

Once you’ve sorted this out, we can finally get on with the exciting parts of this process.

Script Writing

A good script is what will keep the entire video go smoothly without falling apart or getting boring. Here are a few script writing tips we always keep in mind, no matter what the focus of the topic is:

  • We keep the script simple and to the point. We don’t try to go overboard with the details.

  • We have the audience engaged within 30 seconds. At this point, the attention span across has reduced, and to keep one’s interest, you’ll have to present something that will keep the client engaged till the end of the video.

  • We structure the script in a meaningful way. The tone of the script should be convincing. We don’t write in a way that feels rushed and forced.

  • We prioritize your target audience; you’ll already have an idea of what kind of problems your target audience is facing. The solution to that problem should be very clearly narrated.

  • We talk directly to your viewer. This is a plus point as it will help establish long-term relationships.

  • We tell a story. We remain creative and innovative throughout the process.

  • While keeping in mind all of these points, a brief story of the brand should also be included within the video that is also crucial. Giving an overview of what sets your service apart from others and how it was created and put further will always keep the interest of your viewer. We keep this in consideration that it can be of great benefit.

Why script is important for consulting firm video?

The answer is simple. For a consulting service explainer video to be gripping and ensuring enough to grab a possible client’s attention, the script is a crucial part.

You’re bound to forget to add important features if you haven’t thought through your salient points. Your video will fall short as soon as it starts if you put no effort into making a good and gripping script.

Style frames

The process of animation begins, these are the designing elements. We make 3-4 style frames to set the mood of the video and before getting on with the rest of the process, we await the client’s approval for the style frame they choose.

Difference between rough storyboard and style frames

A style frame is the understanding of how the mood of the whole animation will be set, while on the other hand storyboarding will combine the style frame with the script and will envision the video as a whole.


This is the step where the style frame and script are joined to create the foundation of still images.

The features created are:

  • The background

  • The key characters along with posture, key angles, actions, and facial expressions

  • The color that is best suitable and approved

  • Frames, Scaling, and Angles

  • Transitions


In this step, the whole video is compiled. This is where all the magic happens. All the hard work and thought that has been put through will show. With adding a suitable voiceover, this explainer video is all set for delivery.

Why voiceover is important in the video?

Without auditory effects in a visual video, the end product will fail no matter how breathtaking the animation is.

The potential client will not be able to go through even 10 seconds of the video without audio.

Leave hiring a good voiceover artist, we have a team of voiceover artists of different gender, tone, accents, and languages.

Final Delivery

This is it! We’re ready to deliver your next beneficial investment that will help your conversion rates. We offer the final product in the following formats: MP4, MOV, AVI. We also specially optimize them for the landing page of your website, YouTube, and other social media portals.

How much does an explainer video cost for consulting firms?

The cost of an explainer video for consulting firms is not fixed.

There are a lot of points that need to be addressed before coming to a suitable cost for an explainer video

  • Due to the wide range of consulting services provided, the range of cost will also be considered

  • The type of explainer video is also considered

  • The length of the explainer video

These are the different options that you can consider to hire for your explainer video

Hiring a freelancer

A freelancer is an easy and cheap option. But the explainer video quality will not be satisfying. This is entire because a freelancer will not have the experience and exposure that you require.

Their limited knowledge of changing marketing trends will be a major disadvantage to the professionalism and quality of the video.

They’ll need to use the limited resources they have on the internet to research and create the video.

A freelancer will cost about $50 to $300 per min.

Hiring an agency

Hiring an agency for your explainer video is a great decision, without a doubt!

They’ll have all the modern technology, authentic tools, and software to create a masterpiece for you.

It will cost $15000 to $50000. But the end product will be worth it.

But there is however one last and believe just a great option left!

Hiring Videos Explainer

This is where we come!

We are a professionally trained team of experts who will assure you that we’ll not compromise on quality.

We’ll take it with getting the privilege to create an outstanding explainer video that will be the talk of the marketing and business industry.

Still, have any doubts? Check these incredible videos created by Videos Explainer for different consulting companies.

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