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Top 5 Video Production Agencies in Spain for Small businesses and Startups companies

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Explainer video production companies produce videos that are quite beneficial to your company. Adding video to your website or app is an approach to make your business stand out. We've put up a list of some animated explainer video production firms in Spain to help you choose a partner. Look through the descriptions, testimonials, and awards to see which ones best fit your company's needs.

Spain's explainer video and VFX industry is now the audiovisual sector with the most development possibilities in the country. As new businesses focus on unique IP and establish crucial international collaboration. Between 2008 and 2014, the Spanish animated explainer video sector was particularly hard hit by the economic downturn, with several explainer videos agencies closing their doors. Their financial troubles stemmed largely from high overheads. So that they were unable to sustain when broadcasters' budgets were slashed and employment dried up.

The recovery has been gradual but steady, with new entries and expertise from now-defunct enterprises founding smaller, more agile businesses. Over a quarter of all animation businesses in Spain had been formed since 2013, and nearly half of all animation companies in Spain were under the age of ten.

As a result, the industry is bursting at the seams with new businesses that have learned from the mistakes of the past. They're usually global in scope, fast to adapt to new market trends, and eager to share knowledge.

List of explainer video companies in Spain

  • VideosExplainer

  • Burumbio media

  • Maido films

  • Neat production

  • Admiral media


This is an explainer video production agency that provides its services to its clients since 2013. VideosExplainer is the perfect option for startups or mid-ranged businesses because they charge a budget-friendly cost starting from 799 USD. With the assistance of their creative and hardworking staff, they provide 100 percent custom artwork without using any drag and drop software or templates. They deliver quality work on time with no hidden charges. They also develop a healthy bond with their clients to resolve all their queries and maintain good communication.

Burumbio media

Burumbio Media is a multimedia production business that has been providing clients with video production services since 2007. Their 10 workers work out of offices in Los Angeles and Barcelona. Burumbio Media recently worked on video creation for a digital firm. They supplied a full-service advertising campaign and the customer obtained a high grade completed product

Maido films

In Barcelona, Spain, they work as a cinematographer. Since 2010, they've provided video production, corporate photography, and broadcast video solutions. They mostly deal with customers in the advertising and media industries.

Neat production

Neat Productions is a Barcelona-based short film production business. They were formed in 2014 and now employ three people. For small company customers in the healthcare, retail, and automotive industries, specialize in video creation, advertising, and branding.

Neat Productions recently created a promotional film for a new restaurant. They shot and produced a one-minute video announcing the restaurant's launch as well as reflecting its new brand identity. The customer stated that the project was their most successful advertising campaign to date and that they had received several compliments on the video's quality.

Admiral media

Admiral Media, located in Estepona, Spain, is a performance marketing agency. The company, which was formed in 2019, has a staff of about ten people that specialize in mobile and app marketing, social media marketing, PPC, graphic design, and video creation. Admiral Media works with businesses in the consumer goods and services, financial services, transportation, automotive, utilities, and e-commerce industries.

The following list includes the best animation companies in Spain. Are you looking at how to create explainer videos with the best quality? Then no need to worry this list will surely assist you in finding the perfect explainer videos agency in Spain.

How to Hire an Animation Company?

It is a tremendous job to find an animation business. Does it necessitate caution and knowledge of what to look for? Your video is a representation of your company.

So in this article, we will share some secret ideas on how to find the finest animation company for your Budget.

Request a Portfolio

An animation company's portfolio displays the quality of its work. Looking through a video portfolio can give you an idea of the type of work they do.


  • Consider whether their prior work aligns with your brand's requirements.

  • Make sure the animation is of good quality. You don't have to examine it through the eyes of a professional

  • How does music affect you? You should not be gloomy or uptight (unless that is your intention).

See how many projects an animation studio has completed so far

Examining the project completion rate is another effective approach to choose an animator or a partner company. When it comes to improving design abilities, experience is crucial. You should look for experience while choosing a professional animation company. A large number of videos on display demonstrates that a firm has more experience than one that does not.

Watch a Video Presentation

Before you sign a contract with an animator, pay attention to all of the production specifics. The goal of a video is to establish a connection between the brand and the audience. Everything matters, from personalities to comedy, in order for a video to be alive and interesting.


Look for passion when choosing an animation firm. People that are passionate about what they do are more likely to produce excellent results.

An animator or studio should not just be passionate about or believe in their work. They should be enthusiastic about their project work as well. No matter how talented an animator is, if they are uninspired or simply in it for the money, they will not give it their all.

Check the quality of the voiceovers

When it comes to picking professional animation firms, experience, completed projects, and animation styles are not enough. When picking an animation studio, the voiceover is also an important factor to consider As a result, voiceovers should be performed by a competent speaker with a good sense of tone and genre.

Decide your budget and compare it to other options

When it comes to negotiating with an animation studio, the most crucial consideration is the budget. Several animation firms offer services at reasonable costs. Many times, they are only inexpensive because they skip stages or use inexperienced personnel. Remember that this might be a swindle. Be cautious!

So whenever you are in trouble that how to make an explainer video that perfectly matches your desires this article will provide you a basic idea for choosing the best animation industry


In this article, we try to cover all the basic things that should be considered when choosing the best animation industry. How to make an explainer video? We try to provide the best suitable answer for this question through this article. By providing a list of suitable animated explainer videos agencies in Spain we try to minimize your search. Now choose the explainer video production that better suits you. But if you are looking for a budget-friendly yet professional and hardworking firm? We recommend you work with VideosExplainer because they all focused to create aesthetic and genuine explainer videos rather than making animation videos for the entertainment sector. They also don't apply any extra burden on their clients and deliver reliable work at a cost-effective price starting from 799 USD. VideoExplainer is the best possible option for small or mid-ranged businesses. Because their skilled and talented workers provide super quality and reliable work with punctuality and enthusiasm.

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