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The secret of “Software as a Service” (SaaS) Success - The SaaS Explainer Video

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

Are you thinking of pursuing a better system to begin your future project?

If you are into this you may have imagined the cloud cog theory. To get profound information about the SaaS concept, we are providing you with this useful guide and if you plan to join the list of top entrepreneurs, keep on sight on the blog.

Introduction of the SaaS business model

SaaS itself stands for Software as a Service”.

According to the SaaS business model, a service provider facilitates easy access to a specific app and its functionality to the users connected to the internet, where the application is hosted on an external cloud server. The application provides a specific service, say being a broker between the producer and the consumer like FutureFuel or the online “store, share, and collaborate” fashioned platform to help your workforce work from anywhere.

Succeeding and successively, a user compensates a regular fee for the app usage depending on the subscription model they choose.

Now, as we have explained the SaaS for you in black and white. Let's skim through the SaaS subscription models for a better understanding of the whole concept

SaaS Subscription models

Talking about the Subscription Models, the internet is full of information presenting so many different variants of them. However, in general, two of them are applied in SaaS Subscription businesses.

The first one being, the Monthly SaaS subscription model charges the business or consumer a specific amount, each month. It is up to them either they pay through a credit card or automatic e-payment. As a customer, you will always have free will to cancel your subscription at any moment without any restricted liabilities or fee. You will not be shocked to know some monthly subscription businesses have a plus point that they offer quarterly and annual payments too. Adding the icing on the cake, the monthly subscription models may have fixed or variable fees, or a combination of both.

The other SaaS subscription model is the Term SaaS subscription model. When you already have a monthly/quarterly/annually subscription model. What could be a term subscription model then? Let us walk you through that. Have you heard about a business or consumer executing a paper or an electronic contract conceding to a subscription for some time?

This is the term SaaS subscription model. The subscription agreement executed in this model may or may not comprise conditions for cancellation during the term. In some cases, if cancellation provisions are included generally comprise pre-defined return charges or penalties. With these agreements, payment terms are made adjustable. Customers or businesses can either pay monthly, quarterly, or annually, or an agreement to payment terms can be set.

Having discussed the subscription models, shouldn’t we tell you the various aspects of SaaS…?

SaaS is Scalable

Want apps to be able to handle high data transaction volume and increased bumps of activity. The various SaaS apps can be made scalable, which pertains to the processing of payroll or month-end closures. This characteristic of the SaaS will provide you up with minute reporting as well as conscious decision-making.

SaaS is Secure and Robust

Carrying and transferring huge data sounds like being susceptible to a bunch of malware, phishing attacks on your important sets of data, and many more. The SaaS security is completely cloud-based and is designed to secure the sensitive data carried by these applications from the broad use and the simple access they provide.

Are you among those lazy pals saving passwords to the system or recycling them?

Then you are at the advantage of using SaaS, as it helps its customers in executing robust authentication practices.

SaaS is User Friendly

While having a cloud-based security mechanism, yet the SaaS model is so easy to use. Once properly understood, users can easily have full control over the app to use its full functionalities while ensuring that their privacy concerns will be looked after.

Now that we have talked enough about what SaaS is and what it is made for. Let’s get you going on why, when, and how an explainer video can help your SaaS business.

How does explainer video help SaaS businesses?

Let’s state the obvious, every company, organization, or industry is looking for diverse, out of the box and effective ways to make them stay at the top. Don’t you want that too?

An explainer video, though very common, is the most effective tactic used by almost all of the top SaaS businesses in the world to help them achieve this.

Talk about Amazon Web Services,


G Suite,

or Salesforce,

All of these tech giants run their explainer videos all across different social platforms.

An explainer video is a short 2 to 3 minutes animated video briefly explaining the product and service of a specific company, organization, or industry in a simplified and straightforward way and brings about clarity. The most striking feature of the explainer video is that it can be easily distributed amongst the masses, educating them about a specific product or service.

But, the point to be noted is why should an explainer video concern you? How can an explainer video help you in increasing sales for your SAAS business?

Well, the answer to this is pretty simple. SAAS is not exactly everyone’s piece of cake. It’s hard to target your desired audience by long, complicated, and confusing PowerPoint presentations or handbooks. Your target audience won’t even be able to make it to one-fourth of it without dying of boredom, because let's be honest, we’re human beings with extremely limited attention spans.

Now picture this, you decide to play this colorful 2 to 3 minutes, a catchy visual video explaining the foundation, purpose, and why others should prefer your product and services out of all the others available in the market. And by the end of it, the audience is all in.

This dream can be turned into reality because that attractive visual video is what we’ve been talking about all along, the explainer video.

Even if your targeted audience is extremely busy, playing the explainer video will be quite beneficial on your part. How?

We’re living in a world where almost everything is digital. If you master the art of being able to use that for your advantage, you’re all set for world domination.

The SAAS business is part of the digital world but its exposure is very much limited.

Now, instead of handing out your target audience long and tiring handbooks or presenting complex presentations trying to explain your products and services, you can easily put up one single explainer video on multiple social media portals, your own website, and pretty much anywhere on the internet. You wouldn’t have to go places to promote your services and this is extremely cost-effective as well.

We’ve already established that almost every business in the world uses an explainer video to increase the sales of their products and services. So how does this sets each one apart? Well, it’s time to bring out another, just like its name distinctive feature – the unique selling proposition.

The Unique Selling Proposition (USP) helps your target audience come to the conclusion that you offer something entirely different from your competitors.

Are you now convinced of the wonders that an explainer video can do to help boost your business? If not so, then you might want to pause for a second and rethink, because an explainer video with a USP is just the right combination you need to skyrocket your way to the top of the business empire.

Why animated explainer videos are best for software topics?

Take a look at couple of SaaS Explainer Videos with Animation:

Having to invest your next marketing budget in an explainer video will help you increase the sales of your products and services and help maintain a steady relationship with your target audience. The actual hustle at the end of the day would be to be hopeful that the users will be able to understand the product and will be able to use it without having to put too much effort.

To save your customers from all the frustration of having to listen to long explanations or going through handbooks, a well-scripted and visually pleasing 60-90 second video would be the best bet for you. The Explainer video, which not only explains how the SAAS operates but also presents a simple demo, so the user is more drawn-in to try out the services you’re providing.

An explainer video is always kept to the point – only the most important features are highlighted through these videos, and these should be enough to capture the interest of the desired audience without boring them.

How explainer video brings conversions

Alright, let’s talk business. You’re finally ready to invest in an explainer video but no matter what, you want to be sure, this will benefit you, and you can tell that by improvements in conversion rates. Does an explainer video help increase conversion rates?

The answer is YES, if it is done the right way.

Storytelling is very crucial. Our explainer videos provide the most gripping scripts written by professional scriptwriters. With the most modern technology, we pitch to the target audience in such a way that they can easily relate to the products and services being provided to them, with the solution to yours as well as their problems.

If a user lands on your website, the first thing that will catch their attention will be the explainer video. If the explainer video captures the problem, the solution, and the working of the service then you have successfully done your part. Your target user will now be interested as you’re assuring them to understand the problem and the possible optimum solution - you have earned yourself as a lead.

With this development, there will be a significant rise in conversion rates, which will in return make you very happy.

How to track ROI for SaaS explainer video campaigns

Nobody in their right mind would invest thousands and thousands with no profit. The biggest plus point for a good explainer video is that it contributes to the master – ROI or in other words Return on Investment.

You are giving something your time, money, and energy. So in return you expect it to benefit as much as possible. Our explainer video campaign will ensure an easy trackable Return on Investment, for sure.

How to find the best agency for SaaS Explainer videos

The explainer video market is slowly making its mark in the industry. There are numerous explainer video agencies, each assuring their professional and good quality work.

But, how do you know which one is best suitable for your business? Here are a few tips.

Check their portfolio

  • Make sure you are well aware of their overall reputation. Ask around, if necessary.

  • You should never be in a hurry to get the job done. Don’t let your investment go to waste by making an impulsive decision.

  • The reviews of other clients matter the most. Read and understand the point of view of every client.

Check previous experience within SaaS industry

  • Okay, so an explainer video agency generates videos for all types of companies, industries, and businesses of all sorts.

  • So, it is quite possible that the agency you may be looking for is expert in making videos for other businesses but lacks credibility in the SaaS industry.

  • The agency may have a great portfolio and client review response, but that won’t be of any use to you if they can’t offer you what you want.

  • At our agency, we have made explainer videos for different SaaS industries and have received positive responses.

Comparing the different cost of productions

  • It’s a universal fact, everyone expects a larger output than the input they have put in. In the business world, it means, small investment, larger than life ROI.

  • So, while searching for a good agency, the comparison of different production costs should also be considered.

  • The cost of production of different explainer video companies varies from $150 to $5000.

Call in an interview with the agency

  • Before making any final decision, call in an interview with the agency that you’ve shortlisted. Sometimes, you miss out on major points in your research in finding.

  • An interview will also help create a better understanding between you, the client, and the agency.

  • You can voice out your ideas before coming to a conclusion, and the agency while working with you, give their own opinions.

  • Don’t forget to ask for verifiable references.

Bring your software as a service product to life

Have you finally made the decision to get the explainer video made for your business?

Looking to hire an agency after deep research and assurance?

Voila! you’ve come to the right place.

We’ll leave no loose ends and without a doubt, we can say you’ve come to the right place.

Our professional explainer video team will bring out the best for your products and services.

Our agency ensures top-notch quality, dedication, commitment, and client satisfaction and our portfolio is proof of that. You can have a look at our portfolio below.

We’ve also attached the explainer videos made specifically for SaaS which you can check from our explainer video portfolio or check few of these videos:

Rapid Hits

Link App



We will deliver what we preach – Quality, on-time delivery, simplicity yet the right dialogue to pitch to the audience, and increased conversion rates, which will then highly contribute to trackable ROIs.

What are you waiting for?

Schedule a free consultation session now and let’s skyrocket to the top!

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