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Stats That Prove the Power of App Demo Videos

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

If I tell you at this very moment, that there is a 100% chance you’ll be pacing back and forth thinking about all the most effective ways you can go to enhance the marketing of your mobile app by using an app demo video after you read this article, you’ll really pause for a second and think, 100% sure? Are you for real?

It may seem absurd that we’re stating something that is not in our capabilities to control with so much reassurance and confidence, but it’s really not.

Statistics hold power because they’re numbers. If they come from a reliable source, your audience will be convinced with the statements you put forward if expressed statistically.

In the business world, they’re just as important. For example, if you’re surfing the web to find a certain suitable product or service, you’ll definitely opt for the one that is ranked higher and has a larger number of positive reviews.

It’s basic human nature to use numbers to come to a final decision and persuade people to do the same.

So, what if we told you that 77% of people download a mobile app after watching an app demo video on it?

It sure sounds much more interesting and you’d find yourself an Android or IOS app store after reading this because it’s very persuasive.

This article is all about the power and benefits and examples of app demo videos and stats that prove it.

What is an App Demo Video?

An app demo video as the name justifies is a video demonstrating how the mobile app that you’ve launched is used. The intricate details that are in your app demo video will give your audience a clear idea about how your app works and what are its features and what sets it apart from the thousands and thousands of other apps that are present in the app stores of both Android and IOS.

App demo videos can also be used to introduce new features to the previously existing users and also enhance the quality and productivity of your mobile app. This way, you’ll build a long-term relationship with you’re the users who have already downloaded your app and along the way, you’ll also get more people to download your apps.

A simple screencast video is a convenient and pocket-friendly way to accomplish your goal, but it’s always much more fun to go a little extra creative and out of the box, so your users know how professional and dedicated you are towards your brand which will in turn increase trust, connection and engagement with your audience and users.

The Importance of App Demo Videos

As we’ve mentioned, 77% of viewers download an app after watching the demo video.

This is because the audience can easily relate to a video, so they’re able to connect with it more efficiently than they would have with either a written manual or handbook. A visually pleasing explainer video with a killer script and animation will interest more people in downloading the video because they’ll be excited to see if their experience with the app will be just as fun as it looks.

An app demo video is a powerful tool that you can use to your advantage to let your audience how epic your app is, how it’s used and what it’s used for.

I mean, 77% is a huge fraction of happy connected, and satisfied users, there should be no question regarding the importance of an app demo video after reading this stat.

Your audience will have the opportunity to experience the app before they even download it, which will enable them into thinking just how much better the experience will be with full access.

Educating your audience is just as important, and an app demo video does just that. Assuring your audience that your app is easy and convenient to use, will also put them at ease.

Because, you wouldn’t your users to be smashing their phones into the walls because they’re unable to navigate through the app. Make your life and their life easier.

You will be limiting the extent to which you can strategize and effectively put out your marketing if you’re not benefiting from getting a high-quality demo video made which will increase your app downloads and give it a boost.

Another stat that amplifies the significance of app demo video is, 9 in 10 people said they rarely read the text description.

Which means, that 90% of your audience will pay absolutely no attention to whatever you have written in the description box of the app stores your app is available on. Most of them won’t even know there’s a text description.

On the other hand, an app demo video will be the first and foremost thing that will catch the attention and interest of the audience almost immediately. In the world we’re living in today, people prefer visuals over having to mindlessly read through text that will absolutely make no sense to them. So, instead of trying to fit in crucial key details about your app in an unnecessary text description, utilize it in the demo video in the most effective way possible.

Take a look at few examples of mobile app and web app demo videos:

Benefits of an App Demo Video

App demo videos can convince someone who is unaware and uninformed with your product and guide them through on how that product works with the information that they can use to make a final decision that’ll be in your favor.

This is why, 81% people thinks that video help them make informed decision.

It’s natural to have some background knowledge and a handful amount of information before coming to a decision and 81% is a huge deal.

People don’t want to use up their memory or waste their time by downloading an app that serves them no purpose.

The key to have the audience make an informed decision in your favor is to provide them with the right information. Don’t mislead them.

Another stat that supports this reasoning is, 75% of people believe that video is a great way to learn about web applications.

This means, that 75% of people watch demo videos to come to a fulfilled decision regarding their uncertainties.

Recognition and awareness of your app can be created through using an app demo video. These videos can be shared on all social media websites which gives the opportunity for your app to be downloaded by a huge mass of people globally, hence increasing your app sales and giving your app business a positive boost amongst masses as well.

App demo videos create a long-term positive effect on the audience, encouraging them to use your mobile app.

App demo videos are a great solution to people’s problem. While watching a demo video, they’ll get a glimpse of what the app is providing. They’ll be able to just as stated above be able to confirm that this app is the app that will work best with what they’re looking for. App demo videos can be a great way for you to be able to connect with your existing customers and introduce them to new features that you launch.

You can introduce the new features and products that you’re introducing to your existing users via an e-mail and help them to see if this new feature is good for them or not. This also establishes more trust and a long-term relationship with your users and also loyalty. This is why, more than 90% of app development companies feel that video helps gain more attraction and increase subscription and downloads.

So, out of all the companies that invested in having an authentic app demo video created for them, 90% of them received a thumbs up and no doubt an increase in sales and ROIs.

It’s also beneficial to have analytics monitor how the app demo video is doing and how the audience is perceiving it. This allows room for improvement and upgradation.

Time is not just money but everything. There is always a lot going at the same time, and sometimes it can be a little overwhelming. So, to save yourselves some time and money, you are always on the lookout for easy yet effective ways to get work done without compromising on the quality of your work.

An app demo video will serve just the same purpose, instead of having to go person to person and having to travel across the globe, as apps serve a global purpose and demonstrating the app in person, a demo video will save you from all those jet lags and worries and be budget friendly as well.

There should be nothing more relieving to be sitting at home on a couch and see an increase in the downloads by a video that is only one link away from being shared globally.

How to Effectively Use App Demo Videos

In order to make an app demo video that will effectively set you apart from your competitors because you need to completely straight forward and honest. Beating around the bush and adding in unnecessary and misleading information about your app will just drive your users away.

Because, 93% have left a bad review because app video was a bait and doesn’t deliver what was on the video.

Your app should stand out, but towards the right direction. Don’t get ahead of yourselves and include features about your mobile app that don’t even exist. Your main focus should be including the right features of your app and still being able to stand out. You may get a user to download the app, but as soon as they see they’ve been tricked, they’ll not only uninstall the app but tell your potential users to do the same.

And as your app gets flooded with bad reviews from angry and cheated users, it’ll impact your business overall leading to a major decrease in your overall sales and the demo video that you thought would be your biggest advantage will turn out to be your biggest mistake.

Now, what if your app is a paid app or a one that subscription? How’ll you convince your audience that the payment will be worth it? 89% said that they rather watch the video before starting a free trial.

This again signifies the importance of an app demo video. If your video is gripping enough, people will actually put in some thought and have a thorough brainstorming in their minds before starting a free trial after downloading your app.

In case of a paid app, you should keep the interest of your audience in mind while answering the major questions that most of the users have in mind.

  • Why would they want to spend money downloading your app?

  • What tasks or problems are they trying to solve through your app?

  • What are the pain points (major concerns regarding a specific product or service)?

  • How does this app make the life of your user easier and efficient?

You should think out of the box when it comes to creating an effective app demo video.

  • Creating an interesting story and colorful animations for your video will never go out of style

  • Having a new user try out your app and record it live seems like it’s no big deal but in real it is.

  • You can make your app demo video look like an experiment. Have your workers and team try it out and have a creatively made video make in the process. Sounds fun, right?

In short, in order to be able to connect to the audience, you’ll need to make efforts. As nothing good comes easy.

You can’t just launch an app and expect people to download without even trying. You need to make people realize that you’re committed to what you’ve invested and app demo videos are the way to go in this era. If you’re not using videos promote your app, you’re missing the opportunity to establish yourself in the market, because you can easily explain everything the world needs to know about your app just in a minute.

So instead of feeding people with boring presentations, long handbooks and rusty manuals, try showing them a demo video instead. Because, we may be wrong. But stats? They don’t lie.

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