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How to Create an Effective Explainer Video for a Mobile App

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

In this digital age, mobile phones have become a basic necessity, there is no denying that. So different industries and companies globally are slowly diverting their marketing strategies to circle around using modern technology to engage and connect with their audience to boost up their business and sales.

You’re already on the right track if you’ve utilized your time and money to launch a mobile app that’s designed to make business for you and your customers easier.

As innovative it is to create a well-designed and vivid mobile application, it is even a bigger task to have your audience perceive it the way you intend them to.

So, now that you’ve created your mobile app, there must be a way to get it out there in the market. You need to make sure your audience responds to it well.

There are numerous ways to promote your new launch, but which one will work best for you, especially in today’s time.

Keep reading to find how to get your mobile application strategized in the right direction!

What is an Explainer Video?

An explainer video is a short video (which usually lasts for about 60-120 seconds) that breaks down a large chunk of information, process, or idea in a simplified and easy-to-understand way.

They are fun, engaging, and keep the audience interested throughout which intrigues them further into knowing what message is being put forward.

Most people today don’t have the time to read detailed explanations, heavy handbooks, and long presentations, they want something which is clear-cut and straight to the point.

And, explainer videos provide just that.

Types of Explainer Videos

2D Character Animation Explainer Video

2D Infographics Animation Explainer Video

Whiteboard Animation Explainer Video

3D Animation Explainer Video

Motion Graphic Animation Explainer Video

Live-Action Explainer Video

How Explainer Video Helps Mobile Apps?

There’s no better way to explain the variety of features, benefits, and navigation system of an application than through an explainer video. An animated explainer video more specifically is the perfect way to have what you need to know about a mobile application within the minute in an engaging, exciting, fun, and very simple way.

You should also include where your mobile application is available, having it both on IOS and Android will give you an extra edge as you’ll have a wider range of audiences to connect to. A demo of your mobile application presented smartly through an explainer video will not only educate your potential users into learning about its significance, use, and benefits but will also interest them to give it a try.

An explainer video will also help you, the people behind investing in it as you won’t have to spend unnecessary time trying to give pointless presentations and explanations about your mobile application and how it’s navigated. You can make both your life and your potential user’s life easier by creating an explainer video.

Benefits of Mobile App Explainer Videos

To sum it up, here are the key benefits of explainer videos

  • They are short, direct, and straight to the point

  • They are visualized creatively and really appealing and gather a larger number of audience and shares

  • They help in simplifying how the application will work by presenting an explanatory app demo that covers all the important features

Why Make an Explainer Video for Mobile Application?

The question should, why not make an explainer video for your mobile application? Your potential explainer video will have the power to take the business world and your competitors by storm. - An explainer video is the most useful tool you can use to engage your potential users and help them connect to you more realistically and faithfully.

Your explainer video will also give your audience a hint of how creative and innovative your brand is, which will turn interested them to download your app to see if it’s as visually pleasing as your explainer video. You’ll be able to get hold of loyal customers who’ll be willing to build long-term relationships with you.

Your explainer video is one share away, which means it can be shared across all social media websites and other internet sites, including your own webpage. The more your video is shared, the more chance you’ll have of gaining downloads of your mobile application. This is because, while mindlessly scrolling through social media, people always tend to stop their fingers whenever an interesting video that looks like it’s been thoughtfully created comes up.

When you launch a mobile application and then invest in making an interesting explainer video to help your audience connect to it in an honest way, you’ll have those existing customers or users, also subscribe to all the new updates, offers, and any other new services or products that you might launch in the future. This will mean they’re satisfied with what they’re being provided, which is ultimately boost up your business

An explainer video (specifically an animated explainer video) will make you stand out and make your viewers be convinced that your application is worth the download. You should include a clear call to action. If your explainer video is structured properly, then you’ll have the advantage of covering all the core points that you might have forgotten if you had opted for some other marketing strategy. Through this, you’ll stay to the point without adding unnecessary information that will bore your audience.

They’re cost-effective and memorable. They’ll help save your time and effort into wasting your investment into something that will turn into a total failure and may unfortunately also result in you losing your audience and have a massive decrease in ROIs.

So, if you’re still having second thoughts about using explainer videos as your marketing strategy for your mobile application, you might want to rethink that. Explainer videos (especially animated ones) are full of fun, good visuals, and are pleasing to the eyes.

They’re short, clear, simple, and straight to the point and help deliver the message to the audience in an organized and entertaining way without boring them. So, you might want to get up and start planning on how to create an explainer video that will massively help you get a wide range of audience, boost your business and help you get ahead of your competitors, and make your mobile app stand out with its already distinctive features and benefits.

We hope you are now convinced and are officially ready to enter the world of explainer videos and their unlimited advantages.

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Key Points to Remember Before Investing in an Explainer Video

Alright so by this point in the article, we hope you are on the same page as us. Because, now it’s time to break down the whole process that it takes to create magic, that is explainer videos. But, before getting onto the most interesting part, here are few things you should think ahead of time or have discussed with the agency you hire to make your explainer video.

The main goal is your objective your explainer video should be the first thing you bring to the table because without specifying a purpose for something, there’s no point in going forward with it if you’re clueless. In the case of making one for mobile apps, the main goal would be to get your audience to understand its features, how it’s used and get more users downloading your apps.

You should opt for the explainer video that fits best with what product or service you’re trying to boost your business game up with. There’s nothing wrong with investing in multiple explainer videos of different types but you should keep in mind that not all explainer videos will help you. Choose wisely and correctly under the right circumstances.

For mobile applications, animated videos are the best option as they’re fun and entertaining and will smoothly run as a 90 second or so video perfectly explaining the specs and give a brief demo of your mobile application. Have an organized plan and marketing strategy, don’t have your explainer video all over the place. It’ll bring in more loss than sales. Now, that we’ve got some crucial and never to forget pointers covered, let’s get creative.

The Process of Making an Explainer Video for Mobile Apps

Every explainer video agency has its own twist when it comes to making a magnificent, nothing-less-than-a-masterpiece explainer video, but one key factor that we also keep in mind is to keep our creation straight to the point and engaging enough to make the viewer up on their feet. Here’s an overview of the necessary steps that need to be followed to make any type of explainer video regardless.

Concept Development

Before getting into the technical and creative side of this process, you need to:

  • Identify your target audience. Because, without having a clear picture of what your target audience looks like, what they perceive, and what are their expectations in the products and services that they’re being provided with, you won’t be able to move further into making the video.

  • What is your message? Having a clear and thought-provoking message will pull your audience with the utmost interest and excitement. It is your message that will lay the foundation of your script.

Script Writing

Without a properly crafted script, the whole video will fall apart. Here are our main points to look out for while writing a powerful and meaningful script.

  • Keep the script simple and to the point. Don’t try to go overboard with the details.

  • Have the audience engaged within 30 seconds. At this point, the attention span across has reduced and in order to keep one’s interest, you’ll have to present something that will keep your client engaged till the end of the video.

  • structure your script in a meaningful way. The tone of your script should be convincing. Don’t write in a way that it feels rushed and forced

  • Prioritize your target audience, you’ll already have an idea of what kind of problems your target audience is facing. The solution to that problem should be very clearly narrated.

  • Talk directly to your viewer. This is a plus point as it will help establish long-term relationships.

  • Tell a story, be creative and innovative

  • While keeping in mind all of these points, a brief story of the brand should also be included within the video is also crucial. Giving an overview of what sets your service apart from others and how it was created and put further will always keep the interest of your viewer. This can be of great benefit.

Style Frames

We’ve got style frames next which are basically animation stills and this is where the process of animation begins. We make 3-4 style frames to set the mood of the video while awaiting the client’s approval before getting on with the rest of the process.

App Demo Illustration

Next up, this is the part where we get extra creative. During this phase, characters and their surroundings are created and in the case of creating one for an app demo, we make sure to make it fun and exciting. We make sure that our illustrations are interesting and intriguing enough to hold our viewer’s attention.


A storyboard is a rough overview of how your video will turn out to be. It consists of

  • The background

  • The key characters along with posture, key angles, actions, and facial expressions

  • The color that is best suitable and approved

  • Frames, Scaling, and Angles

  • Transitions


This is the part where everything comes to life! The entire video is compiled engagingly and entertainingly. It’s the most satisfying step to see all of your hard work finally paying off!

You need to super careful whilst doing this step over here because if it’s done the right way, your video is definitely going to look lively and will be a treat to watch

Voiceover and Background Music

Having both visual and auditory effects will help keep your audience hooked to the video.

You shouldn’t compromise on having a voice-over in your video. A professional voice-over artist will also leave an everlasting on your video, that will help you connect to your audience even more than they would if it only creative visuals.

A voice-over artist will be able to emotionally connect your audience towards the product or service you’re trying to promote and put forward. We have a highly professional team of voice-over artists of different gender, tone, accent, and style. Background music in between transitions is also helpful.

How Much Does an Explainer Video for A Mobile App Cost?

These are the different video costs for a mobile app explainer video

  • $150 to $450 from freelancers

  • $1000 to $5000 from offshore companies

  • $5000 to $25000 from local agencies

$799 per minute from Videos Explainer

So, what are you waiting for? Get your explainer video made today. The next step is to Schedule a Free consultation session

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