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10 Proven Steps to Increase your Ecommerce Sales

It’s difficult to start an E-commerce business, but even harder to keep it running smoothly and consistently.

You’ll time to time find it tiring to keep your game together. The ups and downs will drive you crazy, you’ll be frustrated and triggered by even the slightest things.

The only way you’ll be able to pull yourself together will be by being able to find a solution to your biggest nightmare – what can you do to increase online sales and bring in more customers?

There’s no denying the never-ending tips and strategies to help strengthen and stabilize your sales, but one important thing that should be kept in mind is that not all strategies are proven to be useful for your E-commerce business.

But, no worries we got you. We’ve listed down 10 of the most effective ways you can help increase your E-commerce sales and keep them consistent.

You’re not in it alone.

Article Summary

Step 1: Create Brand Awareness

Step 2: Email Marketing

Step 3: Develop Omni Channel Strategy

Step 4: Start Retargeting Ads

Step 5: Perform Ads Conversion with Ad Testing

Step 6: Use Incoming Traffic and Data to Improve Your Strategy

Step 7: Develop Buyer’s Persona

Step 8: Excel your Customer Service and After Sell Service

Step 9: Use Shipping as Your Competitive Advantage

Step 10: Abandoned Cart Reminders

Step one: Create Brand Awareness

You should make yourself visible everywhere possible. Having your brand recognized plays a very important role in increasing your e-commerce sales.

  • Having your E-commerce website which is SEO optimized will help drive traffic to your website both in quality and quantity.

  • Having a strong social media presence is a major part of being able to increase online sales in today’s digital world. If you have engaging and interesting content regarding the product and services you’re trying to sell, you can automatically reach the potential audience and keep your existing audience hooked to your page.

  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. are the ultimate hotspots where you want to be consistently active and should be able to easily communicate with your audience.

  • You should have your brand registered on different listing websites as this will also boost your brand awareness.

  • Having your customers review your products and services will help you build a long-term relationship with the existing and also be able to achieve new customers who’ll be satisfied with your brand as you’ll have a good overall impression. This will develop a trust relationship hence your brand will be recognized as a possible threat to the rest of your competitors.

  • Once you’ve developed customers who are loyal to your brand, they’ll also help create brand awareness by recommending your brand to friends, family, and other people that they interact with on a daily basis.

Step two: Email Marketing

Email marketing is much more than sending emails to those customers who have subscribed to your emails. It’s about personalization.

Sending optimized monthly newsletters, reminding your customers about launching new products and promotions alongside giving them an overview of your best-selling products will help increase online sales, helps in developing brand loyalty while providing your targeted customers with the information that they need.

By sending your targeted customers these optimized emails, you can easily turn this into a long-term relationship, and these customers will be willing to buy from you again and again. You’ll have gained their trust and time.

One of the greatest benefits of email marketing is it’s fast and cost-effective and a great tool for you to track your ROI.

You can also test out new products that you’re about to launch with the most loyal trusted customers before bringing them out to the market to get feedback on how the products are, this will also make your customers feel like you as a brand believe that their first priority is their customer and that they matter most.

Step three: Develop Omni Channel Strategy

Omnichannel marketing in its entirety is a multi-channel marketing approach in which you combine both online (social media, your website, and app) and offline (retail store, events, call centers) portals to create meaningful and seamless customer experience.

The most basic approach for this to make it easier and comfortable for your customer to be able to connect with your brand, so it is more feasible for them to purchase from you.

Here are a few ways that creating an omnichannel can help you benefit from increasing e-commerce sales

  • Ads on the social media websites

  • Find a customer where they expect you to be

  • Create a brand personality among the social media community

  • Create groups

  • Take customer reviews on social media

Step four: Start Retargeting Ads

At times it just so happens that a potential client finds its way to your e-commerce website and finds that your products could be a great buy for them, but just as they’re about to click check-out, they leave your website all at once. It’s normal for everyone to have second and third thoughts about whatever they’re about to purchase, and times after putting some thought into it, they come to the final conclusion that it’s not necessary for them to buy at this time.

Now, only if there were a way to be able to reconnect with them again and convince them that purchasing your product is the right choice that they’re making.

Well, there is and it’s Retargeting or Remarketing ads.

Retargeting ads are a great marketing strategy to turn your potential customers into satisfied customers.

It’s a cookie-based technology is basically detects each time the potential customer surfs the internet using JavaScript. This way, it keeps popping up ads to remind the customer to check the website one more time in case they’ve changed their minds.

Here are some ways you can optimize your retargeting ads

  • Run remarketing campaigns

  • Automate top of the funnel buyer's journey to paying customers

  • Create dynamic landing pages

Be sure to make your retargeting as sophisticated as possible.

Step five: Perform Ads Conversion with Ad Testing

When thinking about investing in creating a clear-cut advertisement for your brand, you should know that it’s costly. It must be at the back of your mind that you’re either to win it or lose it.

Your potential customers will either be intrigued and excited to try out your products or find your ad to be boring, and your investment and reputation will all go to flames.

But, with ad testing, you can easily save yourself from getting doomed. Ad testing will help you

  • Track your ROI

  • See if your ad is connecting with your potential customers

  • Increases content and creativity of the ad

There are different ways to test your ad.

  • You can invest in creating multiple ads to test which one will work best for you. You can save yourself time this way and it’s also very cost-effective.

  • You can pick out a certain group of your audience who will better analyze which ad is more appealing, relevant, and clear to them. After asking them the relevant questions, you can then finally choose the ad that resonated with the audience the most.

  • Another way to test your ad is if your run multiple campaigns and social media channels.

  • By following this method, you’ll a wide range of audiences that’ll vary in age, gender, and race.

  • By carrying out all these multiple campaigns and social media channels, you’ll be able to achieve more customers which will help you increase your e-commerce sales.

Step six: Use Incoming Traffic and Data to Improve Your Strategy

Without keeping a record of your customers, you’ll be unable to assess where you stand and what changes must be made in order to make the experience of your customers even better.

Using the existing data to find out what your customers need will help you determine what your customers are demanding the most.

Conducting different surveys from time to time will determine the areas in which you need to improve more as compared to others. These surveys can cover a range of different questionnaires from customer experience, brand quality, and all the little things in between.

Having your customers actively participate in helping you improve your brand will give them a sense of importance and you’ll also benefit from it because from the data that they provide you, you’ll be able to focus on your weak points and will focus specifically on them.

Taking customer feedback is just the same as them participating in the different surveys. It does not improve your product but also makes your customers trust you into believing that you’ll continue making efforts to provide them with the best experience.

Educating your potential audience about your audience is also something that should not be overlooked as if you provide no information about the product, then your audience will be unable to connect to you or trust you. Giving a vague description of your product will not be helpful, you should give as much information about your product as possible.

This will not only increase your online sales but also enhance your brand quality and awareness.

Step seven: Develop Buyer’s Persona

If you haven’t yet created a clear picture of what your ideal customer is like, what are the possible problems that they might be facing and how should intrude to help them solve their problems, then you’re doing marketing wrong altogether, and that could be why you’re unable to increase your sales.

Identifying your target customers should be the first thing in your marketing strategy for any business.

Collecting the data of your potential customer can be a great first step, but if you’re unaware of who exactly your potential customers are. Then, another solution is to sneak in and go over how your competitors are getting their sales going, and who are their potential customers are.

If this is isn’t helpful either then you can have an overview of the market altogether, and you’ll better assess what kind of customers are most interested in the kind of products you’re selling.

In the business world, you’ll have to accept you’re not the only one selling a specific product, you have rivals as well.

So, before you convince others how your product stands out from others, being able to believe what does set your product from apart others is the challenge itself. You’ll need to be original in what you’re selling, only then will be able to increase your eCommerce sales.

Having a unique selling proposition is also a good shot at being able to convince your potential customers that you are a perfect choice.

Step eight: Excel your Customer Service and After Sell Service

After your customers have successfully proceeded to checkout, you’ll need to ensure that they continue to be satisfied with your services and return again to purchase from your brand again and become your long-term customers.

Customers who’ll buy from your multiple times will ensure that they have faith in you as a trustworthy brand and will also increase your sales.

Asking for your customer’s feedback through the information they provided you with when they’re filling out their billing form will help you to connect with them even after they’ve purchased from you.

Always offer discounts and vouchers to convince those who had, unfortunately, a not-so-good experience with you. Because no matter how much effort you put into making all of your customers feeling satisfied, some are difficult to please than others. These ones should be taken special care of.

Step nine: Use Shipping as Your Competitive Advantage

Customers always run to opportunities in which they’ll profit in. Using free shipping in a profitable way can be used to your advantage.

But, before completely making shipping free for your customers, you should be able to test it. You should keep in mind that it should be profitable for you, not something that will decrease your ROI instead.

Always, have your own interest put side by side with that of your customers.

Step ten: Abandoned Cart Reminders

The customers who leave adding different products to the cart should be your best chance at retargeting too.

These customers obviously saw something worth buying in your products but left last minute.

Your sales would have obviously increased if they had decided to make a good final decision.

That’s why sending in emails to remind your customers to proceed to checkout or add more products to their cart might make them rethink their decision.

Applying Newer Marketing Techniques

If you want to have a consistent increase in your e-commerce sales then you should every now and then try out different marketing strategies which will help boost your business.

But, keeping in mind to only opt for those strategies which work best with your business.

We hope this article made you feel at ease with the future of your E-commerce business. All of these marketing strategies will be able to help you in one another.

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