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10 Best Practices for Successful Facebook Video Ads

Ever since the creation of Facebook dating back to 2004, it has been nothing but a force to be reckoned with. One may think it is quite impossible for there ever to be a time where Facebook won’t have an impact on our daily-to-daily life online.

It’s hard to imagine there ever being social media without Facebook. It has the capacity to hold a gigantic global community together with fast engagement and connection no matter what the distance is. It’s basically that cool hanging out spot that everyone loves being a part of to socialize.

But, other than it being a social media platform that connects people, Facebook has a major impact on businesses as well.

In fact, don’t you think it’ll be odd if you run a business and are still not aware of the various marketing strategies you plan on Facebook?

Well, hold on just a bit and keep reading. You’ll be there in no time.

Facebook and its Importance in the Business Industry

Over the years, Facebook has successfully made its mark as an effective and approachable way for different business owners to engage with their customers and audience.

Here are the advantages of having your business on Facebook

  • It helps you reach a wider audience as Facebook is that one platform that kids, the elderly and everyone in between can easily navigate and use. So, through Facebook, you’ll be able to engage with audience of different ages.

  • Through Facebook, you can easily obtain data of your potential customers and their interests in order to improve your product and services reach and improve your customer interaction and relationship

  • Your brand is likely to be more recognized and noticed if you set up your business page on Facebook. There’s a high chance you’ll brand will get more awareness and traffic if you market your page the right way. Facebook Video Ads play rather a pivotal role in increasing brand awareness, as videos tend to get more viral as compared to any other form of content.

  • You can add a link of your website to your page and push traffic to your webpage. The more traffic you get, the higher your website will rank on google.

  • Through your Facebook page, you’ll get a transparent audience reach which means your chances of connecting with the audience who are really interested in buying your products or services will be higher.

This is can because your target audience can be the people who’ve liked or followed your page, the audience that fit upon the criteria you have fixed of interest, along with people that your followers know personally or interact with on a daily basis. Also, your existing customers who’ve visited your website or page before play a major role.

Another advantage of having a Facebook page for your business is that you’ll keep your customers updated with what you’re planning, if you’re launching any new products or services or in general your level of activity and engagement with your existing audience will increase your page popularity which will increase your growth and traffic as well.

If you do not make an effort to post regularly on your page, your chance of getting new customers will be low, and not only that you’ll the existing ones too. Facebook is a great medium to be able to get feedback from your customers and provide them with customer service as well. You’ll have direct connect with your customers and will be able to better analyze the areas that you need to work on and the areas that you master in.

You should be quick and effective when it comes to replying and answering your customer’s queries and feedback. This way they’ll know you are reliable with great services and are punctual as well. Facebook has this amazing feature which help you track and monitor your business engagement, your quality of content and audience data called “Get Insights”


Facebook takes the trophy for providing the most variety of ads as compared to the other social media platforms. It caters ads options directed to a number of businesses all with their own diversities and characteristics.

Here are the different kinds of ad formats that Facebook runs

  • Slideshow

  • Carousel

  • Photo

  • Lead Form

  • Video

The objectives of video ads consist of

  • Awareness Ads which cater to increase and brand awareness reach

  • Consideration Ads which cater in increasing engagement, driving more traffic to your website, also gets you more leads along with views on your video ad

  • Ads which cater in boosting sales or conversion rates are conversion ads

Out of all of these, Facebook Video Ads have now become a requirement for increased conversion rates, engagement and brand recognition.

Best Practices of Facebook Video Ads

Creating Video Ads have become a necessity now. Running your ads and sponsoring different campaigns are essential for marketing now. Video ads are able to get a lot more engagement as compared to the other formats of advertisements.

But, several businesses are unaware and lack the skill of making a video add that is attractive and creative enough to win over the audience. This why businesses need professionals who master the art of making video advertisements.

Because, without investing in hiring a well-trained professional who has the skills and commitment of creating a video advertisement that sets you up from the rest of your competitors, this marketing strategy will be good for nothing.

We believe quality must never be compromised, it’s our first priority and we are a professional team of highly skilled and enthusiastic lot that always provide our clients with the best product possible while adding diversity and magic to each one.

Reach out to us for a detailed consultation session if you need require our services regarding video ad creation.

Tip: Facebook prefers videos that are directly posted on their platform, this way you are more likely to get more views when you upload them on Facebook, rather than use a link to post it from elsewhere.

Here are the 10 best practices that you need follow if you want a Facebook video add that has the power to break the internet.

Instantly grab the attention of the viewer

Your aim should be able to intrigue your audience in the first three seconds. Because, if you’re unable to connect to the audience immediately, the rest of your video ad will be a downer no matter how much thought and work was put into it. But, keep in mind you should keep the entire video ad engaging and interesting, because you not only want to gain the viewer’s attention but also keep it.

Keep it short and straight to the point

Your video ads need to be as short as possible, as most viewers tend to avoid having to watch long ads especially if they’re in stream.

People are more likely to scroll down quickly if they see an ad longer than their attention span.

Product Value

Your video should be able to establish the value of your product by demonstrating what it can do for the audience. If you want people to take action after watching your video, make sure it’s not just entertaining. Otherwise, they’re just going to keep scrolling, looking for the next piece of content to go through.

Create videos that showcase exactly what your product is capable of and what problems it can solve. This will give the audience a better idea of how your product can be of value to them.

Create videos with a sound off option

When you create video ads, design them sound off. It doesn’t mean they can’t contain sound, but the message should come across without audio. You do this by showing subtitles, captions, logos and title cards.

In today’s time people find it particularly annoying to have to listen sounds that are loud and interrupting and will immediately scroll down or exit the app or browser all at once.

So, if you want to create video ads that have an impact, you need to design for sound off first.

Go for vertical videos

This is because there’s a majority of users using Facebook on their smartphones and landscape videos will be unable to fit onto the smartphone’s screen. Compared to landscape videos, square videos take up 78% more space on a user’s news feed. This means your ads will be fully on display and easy to see. Vertical videos are also more advantageous in terms of increasing engagement, views and are watched till the end.

Call To Action (CTA)

A call to action is a necessity for video ads. Clearer the CTA, better the outcome. But, it’s place in the video always remains a concern for many. Many video ads have it towards the end but that doesn’t always work. Because it’s impact will be either very little or zero if it’s included in the end. Having a CTA mid-way however is a smarter and more effective and it will be more impactful and engaging. You should also offer a compelling offer that will draw your audience in. If there’s no offer, there will be absolutely no point in including a CTA. Create an offer that you know you even won’t be able to resist.

Be relatable

You need to keep in mind that you need to make a connection with your customers, don’t consider it a business deal. You should be able to connect personally with your audience. This can be done by telling your story and being more open with your audience. This will make your audience feel that humanly connection with you emotionally as well.

Give a preview and brief summary

Even if you have covered everything that is important in your video, including a little additional summary regarding your product will always be to your advantage.

You need to intrigue your audience to watch the video till the end. Give them something to remember and stick too.

You can also add anything you missed out and give additional information like the link to your website, and any other way of contact that you may have not included in the video.

A/B test for optimization

We can’t stress this enough: when you create video ads, it’s important that you A/B test them thoroughly. This also applies to Facebook ads. In the end, there is no recipe for creativity and all audiences behave differently. To make sure your video ad performs best, do your research and put your creatives to the test.

Include Video Poll

This another great way to interact with your audience and increase engagement and feedback. Having different kinds of polls will help you improve your content and stabilize customer support as well as relationship. It’s a collectively great way of getting and gathering feedback.

The more time and effort you put into thinking out your video ads, the better the outcome will be. We hope you enjoyed this article! Reach out to us if you have any questions regarding Facebook video ads, we’ll be happy to answer them.

Get your Facebook video ad made today to boost up your conversion rate, gain more audience and brand recognition!

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