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10 Best Animated Videos for Explainer Videos for Real Estate

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

“To make something work out, one needs to plan beforehand.”

This line is particularly fit for the real estate industry. Why? Well, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the real estate industry is probably one of the biggest and most prominent industries globally and it’s highly competitive as well.

So, in order to stand out and make your place in this industry, you need to make efforts larger than life. Real estate companies are always on the go to come up with innovative marketing strategies that’ll enable them to engage with their customers and be able to present their services in the most effective way.

You need to up your game if you want to survive this industry, and explainer videos are the way to go in today’s digital world. Since almost everything today is driven by technology and social media, coming up with unique and creative ways to use real estate explainer videos to boost up your business is a great tactic.

What is an Explainer Video?

Explainer videos are short and powerful videos that creatively and interestingly introduce a new product or service provided by a business or a company or industry as a whole in just 60-120 seconds. These sum up a large chunk of information that seems impossible to absorb and remember and break it down to the necessary points in an entertaining and engaging way.

It’s structured in a way that almost immediately captures a viewer’s attention.

It starts off by introducing the pain point which is basically the problem that the potential customer is facing, proceeding towards the solution to that problem in a very organized and systemic manner, which ends beautifully by presenting the product or service as the ultimate and most effective solution.

Explainer videos also known as real estate whiteboard animation are a great marketing tool for real estate companies and agencies. A well thought and well-put-out explainer video will do more wonders than you can think of. The attention span of an average human being is slowly decreasing with the progression of newer and faster technology. Your audience will get bored if you give long presentations and handbooks to them. In order to intrigue them, you need to be more smart and careful in deciding what you want to bring to the market and keeping in mind to leave an everlasting great first impression.

Types of Explainer Videos:

- 2D Character Animation Explainer Video

- 2D Infographics Animation Explainer Video

- Whiteboard Animation Explainer Video

- 3D Animation Explainer Video

- Motion Graphic Animation Explainer Video

- Live-Action Explainer Video

- Screencast Explainer Video

Here are 8 of the most gripping animated videos for real estate, just in case you still feel like this is a risk you’re about to take on.

Eazi Real Estate

This well-crafted animated video for Eazi Real Estate starts right off with introducing the pain point in an engaging manner and jumps smoothly to provide the solution to this problem and also specify that they are the right people for it. Eazi Real Estate mainly specializes in selling houses. In this video, they included a clear Call to Action and notified their clients about their website along with what sets them apart from other real estate agencies.

Haus Real Estate

This one minute animated video for Haus Real Estate starts of pitching the audience with a common question about their financial decisions regarding their homes, with bringing out various points including problems faced by different clients regarding different criteria that they look for while searching for the perfect house in a peaceful neighborhood with nearby schools and other facilities. They bring out the solution by saying they provide a search criterion for all of these beforehand to save time, effort, and unpleasant surprises with a clear Call to Action.

PropertyForce Real Estate

Functioning for the last 10 years, PropertyForce has established a reputation for providing investors with estate properties in this interesting and fun 2D animation. With a pleasing voiceover, this video provides all the necessary information about this agency, whilst highlighting the diverse points.

RA Real Estate

Based in Yorkshire, RA Real Estate specializes in finding the right commercial properties for business within the designated area for the last 20 years. They provide helping clients buy and sell property, while also serving those who are having troubles with lease negotiations. They promise a cost-effective strategy.

This next real estate is an extremely highly graphical and cinematic video of a house tour that completely engages you due to how well thought and different this concept of a real estate explainer video. It almost feels like you’re watching a trailer to one of your favorite movies.

ROMIG Real Estate

This a real estate agency dedicated to commercial real estate professionals situated in Canada. This provides a solution for those with risk management skills while providing insurance for their properties.

Homebid Real Estate

This motion graphic animated video with interesting and engaging characters who are telling their experience with Homebid. This video starts off with the first character expressing his happiness with selling his house and later proceeds to the agent who is also satisfied with the services that Homebid is giving. They promise a totally transparent and painless process of selling and buying houses for buyers, sellers and agents.

The Importance and Benefits of Explainer Videos for Real Estate

People these days just don’t have the time to go over boring texts and dull brochures, they want to be informed without having to use too many of their brain cells and energy.

So, instead of sticking to these worn-out ideas, you need to mold yourselves accordingly with your customer’s needs and explainer videos guarantee that.

- With the help of an animated explainer video, you can increase engagement with your target audience by simplifying complex aspects of your business, so it is easier for them to focus and make an informed decision without getting bored.

- With a well-crafted explainer video that you can share almost anywhere, the traffic and customer interest to your real estate webpage will automatically increase. This will increase awareness and more people will be interested in your agency and services

- Developing customer trust is very crucial in this business. Real estate is a sensitive industry, people need to be convinced and satisfied that the huge investment that they’re about to make isn’t a scam. They need to assured profit too. Through a clearly made explainer video that uplifts your services, you can get your customer to put his trust in you.

- Explainer videos are also very cost-effective and save both you and your customers time. You can get your message across by using an appealing and entertaining video and get your customer’s attention immediately

- An in-depth 2D explainer video for real estate will make your brand stand out from the rest of your competitors.

Animated explainer videos in this case will serve to bring out the most effective marketing strategy that a real estate can opt for while picking a video that suits them best. A colorful, visually vibrant, entertaining, and graphical animated video with a catchy and well-written script combined with a soothing yet energetic voice-over is all you need to help turn your customer’s dream house into a beautiful and approachable reality.

Process of Making an Explainer Video for Real Estate

We like to keep our explainer videos as simple as we can while keeping them engaging, entertaining, and pleasing to the eyes. We like keeping everything creative and graphical and still not go over the top at the same time. We feel adding too much might overwhelm the customer and the actual message might not hit as powerfully as it should.

We opt for animated videos while brainstorming for real estate agencies because they literally are the best choice.

Animated explainer videos are capable of changing some of the most boring and complex points of financial planning or procedures to make it all entertaining and beneficial to watch. The viewers tend to remember much more through an interesting animation and a good storyline. The diversity of the short video form is meant for countless uses of animated videos, letting your customers stay confident in their decision and happy at the outcome.

This is what it takes to make a successful and beneficial explainer video:

Concept Development

- Identifying your target audience

This is the foremost step you need to establish because without specifying a target audience, you’ll have no idea of how to get your message sent across. By identifying the target audience, you can also get the main pain points that each of your customers experiences to create a better understanding of your point of focus.

- What’s your message?

Your message should be what you’re trying to get through to the market and how you think you’re the right choice for it.

You should convey your message in a convincing manner so that your audience is ready to rely on you.

Script Writing

Without a gripping script, your video is just going to fall apart. A well-written script will always change the whole course of your video. Be sure to have it all planned and thought out, as you need to be sure to keep all necessary points in mind so that you’re better able to engage with the audience.

Here are some important tips to keep in mind while writing a script.

  • Keep the script simple and to the point. Don’t try to go overboard with the details.

  • Have the audience engaged within 30 seconds. At this point, the attention span across has reduced, and to keep one’s interest, you’ll have to present something that will keep your client engaged till the end of the video.

  • Structure your script in a meaningful way. The tone of your script should be convincing. Don’t write in a way that it feels rushed and forced

  • Prioritize your target audience, you’ll already have an idea of what kind of problems your target audience is facing. The solution to that problem should be very clearly narrated.

  • Talk directly to your viewer. This is a plus point as it will help establish long-term relationships.

  • Tell a story, be creative and innovative

  • While keeping in mind all of these points, a brief story of your agency should also be included within the video is also crucial. Giving an overview of what sets your agency apart from the rest of the real estate industry and how it was created and put further will always keep the interest of your viewer.

Style Frames and Storyboards

We’ve got style frames next which are basically animation stills and this is where the process of animation begins. We make 3-4 style frames in order to set the mood of the video while awaiting the client’s approval before getting on with the rest of the process.

While storyboarding is basically a rough overview of how the overall end product will be like by systemically adding backgrounds, transitions, different angles, and frames along with character postures and colors.


This where everything comes to life! And in real estate animated videos it’s even more fun! Whilst combining different animations of characters along with their dream houses, you can capture a whole story full of dreams and wishes in just two minutes. Powerful, right?


Adding a professional voiceover artist with just the right voice needed for the video will be the cherry on top of your video!

Final Delivery

And just like that, we’ll be ready to deliver! Congratulations. We provide the final product on a number of platforms and for whatever is most convenient for you.


Since 2013, Videos Explainer has been producing explainer videos and have worked with over 25+ real estate ranging from commercial real estate companies, listing websites, mortgage companies and real estate leasing companies.

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