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Why create an Animated Explainer Video for Automotive Industry businesses

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

Are you out for finding customers for your automotive industry business?

Fed up with the prevailing clientele?

Or finding products for your customers?

Voila…! Creating Explainer videos to get more people attracted to your company is quite more fascinating.

Because you are inclined profoundly to boost your company’s reputation and rank it to the top 20 businesses, you have to find ways to attain the goal. But this does not mean to convey boring animated graphics scampering over the screen rather humorous or specifically helpful content conveyed by an upbeat voice-over would do the magic.

If you start browsing about the best quality shackles and sockets for your automotive, you recently heard about it, you count yourself lucky for there is a video for that. This is an explainer video.”

Because your customers are not in there to be engaged, they are looking to be amused and you need to present your products interestingly.

Why choose an explainer video?

Customers are less curious about quickly going through handbooks and hunting down information. For them to go through easy demonstrations, sequenced tutorials, or becoming mindful of your products’ features, an explainer video is the right choice.

Since you want your products to be talked about in towns and industries, explainer videos can be of tremendous support.

Instead of having to repeatedly talk about the details of your automotive commodities each time a customer visits you, you could easily opt to create explainer videos that can prove to be a turning point in the conversation.

For instance, illustrating your product through videos like this can bring you more leads.

The accomplishment of your product’s presentation will be measured not by the knowledge you send, but rather by what the viewer receives

Presenting your automotive product is relatively time-consuming and doing it over time repeatedly can be difficult. It gives you another rationale on why to create an explainer video. Grasping an overview of the whole products your automotive industry is offering in a total of 30 to 90 seconds or less can easily do the trick.

If you comprehend and pick out your target audience sufficiently, you can try brief explainer videos to explain your products and services. It is a practical way to welcome those who don’t know your product yet.

Right from Mercedes being the top manufacturer to the automotive parts suppliers, such as Bosch, Denso, Magna, Continental, and ZF Friedrichshafen, all are running explainer videos on their web pages, why not you?

Nelson Research recognizes why demonstrating your product overview through an animated video is important. Out of all, an average user spends 10 to 20 seconds on a site at maximum if there is no rousing intention to stay longer. You cannot convince customers to stay at the site looking over through all the information you are offering.

Customers do not have time to opt you out of so many. Using explainer videos encourages you to express your offers in less than a minute or two.

If you’re still not convinced to use explainer videos in your automotive industry, you’re at a loss.

Pat your head and think about how top automotive suppliers like Bosch, Denso, Magna, Continental, and ZF Friedrichshafen are using the explainer videos platform for their businesses.

It aids you in these ways,

  • Product awareness

  • Online existence

  • Social media engagement

  • Build powerful product confederation (and)

  • Demonstrate your automotive company identity.

Now that you know the importance of explainer videos, let’s move to the fun part, shall we? That’s right, the process behind the creation of explainer videos.

Process of making an explainer video

The key to making an explainer video is simple – it should be straightforward and to the point. We are well aware that the process itself is not so simple or straightforward as maintaining a professional factor to us is very important. The following summarizes what really goes into the process of making a great explainer video.

Concept Development

  • Identifying the target audience

The very first step is to know who you are going to target with the video. If you are intended to surveying your audience, it is productive to proceed with the customers you already have. By surveying your clients, you’ll be able to better assess your ideal customers as you’ll have an ideal buyer profile.

Plus, the point is the clients you have already invested in will give you honest reviews about your products. Formulating widespread surveys can also aid in this step.

  • What’s the message?

How are you taking off to portray your automotive industry? What message are you going to convey to the targeted leads?

Once you are apparent of these points, you can now move on to the next steps.

Script Writing

These are the steps we take to create an engaging script.

We create a short and simple script while slamming all the specks to make viewers more attracted to your videos.

  • If the first 30 seconds of your explainer video does not convey what you want to say, your customers are going to lose interest because they have no idea what they are listening to.

  • The first-person tone should be used to create a more inseparable relationship with the viewers.

  • Story about brand

Creating effective stories about your brand or product is important, as Seth Godin says,

“Marketing is no longer about the items that you bring but about the stories you say.”

It is necessary to narrate to your audience what made you create this automotive product and services, some of the efforts you put in while making the products, and effective changes it has made to your customers are all counted in storytelling. This is an essential punch line for target viewers.

Speaking out how your brand is different from so many other brands since you barely shaped the business around your subjective values and got on from there.

  • Why script is important for an automotive explainer video.

Explainer videos always need a killer script, the reason why is given below.

  • Because when those searching for automotive parts or services watch a competently crafted explainer video, it all starts with a great script that compelled them to stay on the webpage.

  • Devoid and inviting script your automotive explainer video may fall short of delivering the product features to the viewers effectively.

For instance, if rent a car service provider wants to market its services to the targeted audience and does not talk about security measures and assurance of the car’s effective feature in the created explainer videos, fewer clients will opt to use the service.

Style frames

Style frames are where we start designing elements for your animation. Companies usually send 3 to 4 frames to set the mood of the video and get the client’s approval before moving towards storyboarding and rough storyboard.

To create a style frame according to the client’s expectations, ask the client the following concerns,

  • What kind of audience is targeted?

  • To what extent conceptual or literal the required animation can be?

  • How colorful should the style frames be, depending on the brand?

  • Is the design a detailed one or more minimalistic?

  • Is there any typography implicated, if so, what should it look like?

  • Difference between rough storyboard and style frames

An explainer video especially animated demands substantial planning comprising of making storyboards and style frames.

Style frames are your understanding of how the mood board will be translated. These do not have to convey the opening or beginning, central or end succession of the spot.

Whereas storyboards course for how a spot will move.


This stage is where the script and style frames collaborate. Where, with the help of still images, a full animation experience is created by the designers and illustrators.

Numerous key animation features are planned out by storyboards.

  • The designing of scenery, as well as background assets, occurs.

  • Characters along with the postures, key angles, actions, and facial expressions are designed.

  • Visual treatments along with typography are created.

  • Application of ratified color occurs

  • Complex transition aspects are pictured.


Eventually, the part where your efforts as a video come alive!

After putting your effort into the basic steps, now is the time to compile them. A good voice over if combined with the video makes an enchanting, animated explainer video.

Why voiceover is important in video.

“Voiceover toil is all action”.

We hire a professional voiceover artist regardless of gender and also offer multiple accents and languages. If a boring voice continues to dictate the content the potential customers and viewers are going to never come back.

For that reason, we provide the most suitable voiceover artist that will help maintain the interest throughout the video so the viewers don’t lose their interest.

Final Delivery

This is it! Now that we have compiled the entire video, it is time to put it out there. There are different formats we provide to deliver the final video and these could be MP4, MOV, and AVI.

Your video is finally optimized to be played on different social media portals, YouTube, and your own website.

How much does an explainer video cost for the Automotive industry?

Is it just about numbers or many other factors to decide the cost of an explainer video for the automotive industry?

What factors determine the cost of explainer videos?

Deciding the cost of explainer videos follows no universal rules. Did not get it?

Let us explain it this way...

Your automotive industry functions differently than other automotive industries.

The same goes for the cost of explainer videos offered by different companies. Not wrong to say, you are paying both for the service as well as the brand. So, what decides the cost of these videos is not agreed on yet.

Examine it another way.

Type of Explainer video

An important aspect of determining the cost of an explainer video is its type. For instance, if you are going for a 3D animated explainer video for your automotive product or service, it is going to cost you more than an explainer video with a whiteboard and 2D animation.


Length of Explainer video

It is easily understood the more the duration of the video, the more is its cost. But for the videos to be engaging keep them a maximum of 2 to 3 minutes long.

Hiring an individual freelancer

Thinking to hire a freelancer to create an explainer video for your video marketing strategy?

Have a look at the comparison.

An individual freelancer cannot give you the expected results as a professional explainer video-making team. Because they are aware of the basic marketing trends. The freelancers you are opting to hire may not have sufficient experience to provide you with the expected video quality.

The freelancers are going to demand you a minimum of $50 and a maximum of $300.

In other words, freelancers may charge you less than a video production company, but have you wondered spending, even less for no quality is ok?

Whatever an explainer video company costs, is always worth paying because it does not compromise on quality.

Now comes the main difference. The freelancer you are hiring has no latest hardware or software or even if they do have them, due to lack of expertise from art directors or creative directors, they do not have a grip on using them.

These high-cost resources are only available with video production companies. In fact, they have everything to offer you a promising solution.

As Every voice holds a piece of music, leaving an explainer video with an unattractive voice-over may make it more deleterious. In the last, let us talk about the cost it’s going to go for you. The freelancers are going to demand you a minimum of $50 and a maximum of $300.

Awful? What to do then?

How about Hiring an agency?

Thinking to hire an agency for creating an explainer video is no doubt a good preference.

Because they have the authentic tools and software as well as hardware for engaging video production.

Hiring an agency can aid you in so many other ways, knowing the fact, the cost will be high, pursuing it is still a good choice. This video is going to cost you a minimum of $15,000 to a maximum of $50,000.

They have a lot of money because they pay a good amount for good things like administrative staff, fancy offices...

Not having enough budget.

Still an alternative ahead!!.... Let us move on,

Hiring Videos Explainer

Want a team of professionals to create your explainer video?

Well, allow us to do the job at its best!

Have any doubts? Check the videos created by our team.

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Here’s the best suitable and optimum deal for you.

We are going to use all our expertise and experience to come up with a uniquely styled explainer video that will best suit your automotive business.

We’ll craft the video from scratch to bring more and more business for you. We’ll use professional equipment along with a creative team of video makers charging you

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Above all, we are not compromising on quality. Get what you dream of in an explainer video.

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