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Animation Video Production Companies in Australia for Small Businesses and Startup Companies

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Are you searching for suitable explainer video companies in Australia?

Finding the best explainer video company may be difficult and ensuring that the firm is a good fit for your business can add to the stress.

We've created a list of some animation companies in Australia to aid you in your hunt for a partner. Look through the descriptions, testimonials, and awards to see which ones will work best for your business. There are a large number of options available when it comes to selecting an explainer video agency. But if you are an owner of a small business and searching for a low cost agency then try VideosExplainer (us). We support small businesses, startups, or mid-market companies through their services.

List of suitable explainer video companies in Australia

Videos Explainer

VideosExplainer is an explainer video studio that was established in 2013. They mainly provide its explainer video services for automotive industries, e-commerce sales, and SAAS. VideosExplainer is the best suitable option for startups or mid-market companies because they provide reliable and authentic work at a cost-effective price starting from 799 USD. They have a pool of creative and dedicated artists who can make explainer videos in all languages. The dedicated efforts of its core team provide 100 percent unique artwork promptly.


Explanimate is an animation studio founded in 2011 in Loganholme, Australia. They have a small staff of under ten people that provide 2D, 3D, and motion graphics video production services. Explanimate created and produced a series of animations to improve a food safety firm's online training classes. The animations were designed to entertain learners while also conveying essential course ideas. Storyboarding, animation, and editing were their responsibilities.

Global pictures

Global Pictures is an Australian creative production company based in Surry Hills. It was founded in 2007 and specializes in video creation. It employs seven people.

For a legal company, Global Pictures created an internal corporate film that outlines its performance evaluation procedure. The team developed the video after writing the brief and determining the target demographic. Positive feedback was received by the customer, and employee participation increased.

Motion lab studios

Motion lab Company is an animation studio based in Sydney, Australia, that was formed in 2010. They employ two people that specialize in animation videos, commercials, and branded video content for businesses in the advertising and marketing, finance, and business services industries. Motion graphics, 2D and 3D animation, music videos, TV commercials, and character animation are among their specialties.

Flood light

Floodlight Media, launched in 2015, is a full-service video and multimedia production business. Their headquarters are in Northcote, Australia, and they also have offices in Adelaide, Australia. They primarily provide its services with video creation, content marketing, and advertising.


Chello is a Sydney-based branding and content design firm. Its 33 experienced staff specialize in video creation, branding, and content marketing, and the company was founded in 2014. For a food and beverage producer and retailer, Chello designed a corporate website, ecolor palette, generated content, and integrated materials. The client's site traffic and business inquiries grew as a result of their rebranding and changes to their marketing strategy.

The following list contains the top explainer video agencies in Australia. Now based on your budget select a company that perfectly matches your desires.

How to pick a suitable explainer video production company in Australia?

How can you find the best explainer video agency in Australia? Consider the following factors before hiring a video animation studio to create your corporate video.

Ensure that communication is hassle-free

Only if your video producer pays attention to you will you be able to form a relationship with them. At the same time, they should be pleasant so that you feel at ease while discussing your expectations with them. A hassle-free communication takes place only if you both speak the same language, if they are conveniently available, and if they communicate with you over a viable communication channel.

Examine the level of expertise and the quality of the work

The animated movie you post on your website should be of excellent quality and successfully convey the information you want to convey. Remember that it will not only help you advertise yourself, but it will also increase the worth of your brand. Examine the video producer's portfolio and study client reviews and testimonials to ensure that they are of high quality.

Take a look at how they make videos?

If you are looking for a video production business in Australia, make sure they include you in the various stages of video development. No matter how skilled they are or how much study they've done about your company, they'll always want to know your specific needs and preferences. They should follow a video-making procedure that is free of complications. They must offer it to you in a style that is simple to comprehend.

Pay attention to how quickly they respond

An animated explainer video company may be handling different animated movies, such as 2D animation videos, 3D animation videos, explainer videos, and motion graphics, for your business Regardless of the format you select, the firm must finish your job within the specified time frame. Let the firm know when you want to publish and see if they can meet your deadline.

Make a budget and shop around

Whenever are you looking how to create an explainer video? One of the most important aspects to consider is price. You must set aside a budget for business promotion, regardless of the size of your company. The pricing of the video-producing business should be affordable enough to fit into your budget. However, don't compromise on the video's quality for the price. Obtain estimates from several firms, evaluate their prices and job quality, and make a cost-effective decision.


Through this article, we try to provide you the initial idea that how to make an explainer video that is perfect for your business. Choosing a professional animation studio is not easy but keeping these factors in mind can help you make an informed decision. We suggest you work with VideosExplainer because a few things make this agency different from others. These include that they strictly focused on explainer videos rather than making animation videos to promote the entertainment sector. They also don’t have any hidden or surprise charges and make their explainer videos at a budget-friendly cost starting from 799 USD. So, if you are an owner of a startup or mid-ranged business then you should take a look at the portfolio of VideosExplainer to get the best video, at a reasonable price.

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