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Digital Advertisement to Increase Your Online Sales

Whether you’re new to the business industry or already a prominent part, the first point in your agenda will always remain constant, increasing sales. It’s no secret, the basic goal of any business across the globe is the same because without sales your business is good for nothing.

In today’s digital world, online sales specifically have a good hold in helping one’s business flourish or come down completely.

So, what will guarantee a successful and consistent increase in online sales? Well, in all honesty, there’s yet a trick that’s been proven to keep a business earning so much that easily starts growing its money on trees.

But, in order to stay on track, we’ve listed down some of the most effective and approachable ways to help you increase your sales.

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How Can You Increase Your Online Sales?

“One problem, many solutions.”

This phrase can easily fit into the scenario put forward. The problem is of course a major one and has many aspects to it. But the solutions also come in numbers. But of course, you’ll need to devise a strategy in order to carry out a systematic plan because all solutions come with a price to pay. You’ll need to invest thoughtfully, so the outcome can at least be worth it. Tracking your ROIs need to be always kept in mind.

Start with addressing first why you’re unable to get sales and new customers. An extensive meeting with all possibilities should be discussed first and then you should move on with the solution. Here are some of the most frequent and proven ways you can increase your online sales.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO rotates around the basic belief – to optimize your website by being able to rank it top on different search engine pages. Is this really helpful is the real question? And the answer to that is as well, yes, it is. Let’s say you need to buy new headphones and there are no good electronic shops nearby.

So, what is your next best option? You’ll take a deep breath and go search it on Google, or any other search engine. And as it is human nature, you’ll preference will be to click on the first few e-commerce websites you see, as they’ll be most trustworthy too.

In order for customers to know that you exist, you’ll need to rank among the top e-commerce websites selling those products and then only can they think about buying from you.

Here are some ways, you can boost your website so it’s click-worthy.

Landing page optimization

A landing page is a standalone web page where you’re able to let your potential customers and viewers know what you’re offering. By optimizing your land page you’re improving the problems within the page without demolishing the whole page in order to enhance your sales.

Top Ranking Keywords

Keep in mind the interest of your potential customer for the product and services you’re offering, you should think of keywords that will benefit you the most. The keyword(s) you opt for should match your potential customer’s search. Your keywords should co-relate with the products you’re selling. You’ll be obviously dealing with many keywords as most e-commerce websites offer a wide range of products, so be sure to use the appropriate keyword for the right product.

Link Building

Link building is building up backlinks in order to make your website more visible on the search engine. Public relations, use of the broken links, content marketing, reaching out to potential customers via e-mail, etc. are the different tactics used.

Google Ads

Google ads are another key factor to help boost your sales. But there are a few things to keep in mind while letting Google run your ads. Keyword Bidding is in short, the amount of money you’re willing to pay for a specific keyword each time your targeted audience searches for it. So, the more you’re paying for the keyword the higher chance you’ll have of getting Google to land your Ad on top of the search engine page.

But, it’s not necessary you’ll be at the top if you’re auctioning for more, as your Ad needs to be ranked higher alone as well. The landing page for your Google Ad should also be optimized in such a way that you’re able to assure your potential customers, they’re about to make the right choice.

Your landing page should be kept in line with the products you’re offering, don’t try to go overboard. Staying relevant and uptight is a must.

An explainer video on your landing page can be a bonus point for your advertisement. A short, concise, informative visual 90-second video can literally almost convince your customer they’re making the right choice. This is will also show, how much thought and effort was put in for marketing, creating a sense of dedication and commitment to deliver the best products.

Tracking Return on Investment (ROI) is also just as important because you want to know if the keywords you're auctioning for are bringing you any traffic or not. If you see no increase in sales by using that keyword, then paying for it will make no sense.

Social Media

There’s no denying the power of social media and especially during today’s time, Social Media is a powerful option that can be used to one’s advantage if utilized the right way. You may well and good try all marketing strategies but if you’re unable to engage your customers into believing they should purchase from you and also return through social media, then your efforts will simply go down the drain.

Be it Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, with a smart marketing approach and the right mindset, you can easily send the message across. You get the hang of powerful social media advertising and you’re just about ready to conquer the business industry and have a consistent increase in your sales.

Paid Ads on Social Media

Paid ads on social media are reachable ways to promote your business.

Both Instagram and Facebook are good choices to run ads. Each of them has its own pros and if you have sufficient investment plans, then running ads on both of these portals will massively increase your engagement. By running advertisements, you can get an idea of the kind of audience that are you’re dealing with so that you strategize your future marketing plans accordingly.

Video Ads on Social Media

You’re all set and ready to conquer if your videos get viral enough to draw in a crowd of potential customers and viewers into giving your website a thorough look. But, even just putting video ads out there and especially on Facebook will carry a massive increase in traffic and engagement. Explainer videos particularly also play an important role and can be efficiently utilized in helping to increase sales. An interesting explainer video will go a long way in tracking ROIs and sales. Keeping the audience engaged with daily content may sound like a hassle but is also just as important. It’s a requirement to keep your audience updated with whatever is about to come so that they can also help you by promoting your business amongst the people that they know.

YouTube Ads

While keeping in mind video marketing and how to invest in it, YouTube remains at the top. Although the growth of ads is also massively increasing on Facebook, it’s safe to say YouTube is YouTube. A lot of your target audience may not use other social media portals but when I say, everyone, I mean everyone uses YouTube. It’d be ridiculous and impossible to believe if someone said they hadn’t. So, investing to increase your sales via YouTube is a great strategy, great thinking!

These are the different advertisements that you can opt for while thinking of engaging your audience through YouTube.

Instream Ads

Have you ever come across a snippet of some really interesting video at the beginning, middle, or end of a video that you were watching on YouTube? These videos are better known as Instream Ads and they remain the top way to increase online sales using YouTube as a medium. Most users are required to watch 5 seconds of the ad, but if you make it interesting enough, they’d watch it till the end and might also end up on your E-commerce website. An explainer video will come in handy while investing in Instream Ads as if it’s professionally made, it will catch the eye of the audience almost automatically.

Skip Ads

Skip ads are those ads in which you wouldn’t have to pay for each time an ad has been skipped. These really aren’t as efficient as the ones mentioned above but it may be worth a try.

Sponsored Ads

These help to include a wider range of audience for you reach with. It’s not a given rule that your ads will play at different timestamps on every video that someone is watching, so for you to be able to connect with your audiences, you need to able to have YouTube sponsor your ads to increase engagements. Another way to sponsor ads can also be getting a prominent figure on YouTube that is popular amongst the masses to talk about products by sponsoring that video of theirs. It’s a give-and-take method, but it’s also really helpful in establishing better outcomes.

Educational videos

This method as the name indicates educating your audience with videos. These educational videos could be your product demos, product tutorials, how-to works video,s or perhaps your customer onboarding videos.

The purpose of educational videos would be to engage your viewers, help them achieve their current goals and solve their common problems and let your brand stay at the top of customer's minds.

At Videos Explainer, we happed to have vast experience in producing educational videos for employee onboarding, customer onboarding, employee training, customer training such as how it works, or how to solve a typical problem.

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Content Marketing

This is an important method to help surely increase your online sales because only those who are really interested in buying your products or search for something related to what you’re offering will read your content. This a medium in which you’ll be able to openly engage with your audience and give them a detailed description of your products.

People who’ll read your blog will be keen to find out what more you’ll offer, so they’ll come again for updates.


Blogging is a great way, to begin with, while using content writing to increase your online sales. An engaging and well-written blog will always boost up your business and reach a wider range of interested audiences.

Organizing webinars

Webinars are another effective tool in increasing your online sales. A nice detailed webinar that covers all the salient features of your business and products will help you interact with all of your potential audience. Thanking all the participants will show how dedicated you are to your audience and business. Having a healthy Q&A session at the end will be a great way to end the webinar, as the questions that will be asked to you can be of great importance for your further marketing ideas. It’ll also show that the audience is engaged and are keen on knowing all the relevant information. Be sure to listen to everyone’s concerns with great enthusiasm.


Broadcasting an interesting Podcast may seem like a tough and demanding task but once you get off your feet and convince yourself to start a podcast, your online sales will grow as your podcasts start to engage among the massive audience. They’re easy to download and consumed. Downloadable content such as E-books can also be helpful increasing online sales.

Video Content

Video content is targeted at all those who fall under electronic media as well as social media. This is a vast industry that is designed to cater to different strategies put forward by different businesses. Though most videos are now advertised on YouTube and Facebook, Television is still a standard medium for all kinds of commercials.

An interesting and well thought commercial will always grab a viewer’s audience. If the product you’re offering is presented to the audience in an engaging way, they will be engaged. They will want to go order from you right away. Other ways the video marketing industry can help increase online sales are,

  • Educational videos

  • Video email marketing

  • Lead nurturing using video animation

We hope you found this article to be helpful in disguise and we also hope the very best for your business.

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