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List of suitable explainer video companies in the UK


VideosExplainer is an explainer video agency that provides its services since 2013. They acquire talented and creative workers who efficiently and deliver super quality work within a given time frame. They have core teams that provide frame-by-frame design from scratch, without any drag and drop software or templates. VideosExplainer has always been a better option if you are looking for a budget-friendly or low-cost agency? Because they provide its services within very reasonable price starting from 799 USD. They also focused on scriptwriting and try to write their script in an engaging way to attract their audience.


Seed is a full-service animation studio that works across all advertising formats and platforms. The firm specializes in 2D motion graphics and high-end CG character animation. They collaborate with agencies to bring a written screenplay to life, and we also work directly with businesses from idea to delivery, including development and writing.

Studio Liddell

Studio Liddell develops 2D and 3D animation, digital illustration, and interactive apps, among other forms of computer-generated visual material. The studio has a creatively driven, skilled, and varied staff that produces work for television, print, and the internet.

Kuro Dragon

Kuro Dragon is a full-service animation company that has won several awards. To assist customers, communicate their stories and brand messages across TV, digital, and internet channels, they employ 2D/3D animation and motion graphics. They like collaborating with people to bring their narrative to life in a unique, creative, and engaging way.

Bearded Fellows

Bearded Fellows is a brand, agency, and organization animation and video production company. They bring together the skills and perspectives needed to bring amazing ideas to life and create visually appealing and engaging campaigns.

King Bee

The services of King Bee Animation range from idea and aesthetic art direction to complete TV animation production and final audio mix. Allergan, Zurich Financial Services, Hewlett Packard, Disney, British Telecom, Specsavers, and others are among their clients.

What to Look for When Hiring an Animation Studio?

It is not simple to find the ideal crew to help you bring your animation ideas to life. Animation projects need a lot of work, and the right studio can produce the necessary aesthetic result while also ensuring a pleasant experience throughout the process.

A Solid Foundation

Every explainer video agency, in terms of structure, is made up of a staff team and, depending on the project's requirements, extra freelancers. Because the number of requests and the necessity for specialized specialists may change overnight, it's usually in our business to have a constant flow of freelancers in animation companies.

It's crucial, though, to pay attention to the collaborator's core staff. Without relying on the availability of freelancers, a stable workforce helps to define the quality level that a studio can offer. At the same time, having a core staff allows you to quickly launch initiatives and get things moving in the correct direction.

Management of Production

It is much preferable if the studio can handle production management in addition to core staff. In an animation studio, the job of a Producer is critical to its success, and working with this expert will not only aid to ensure delivery deadlines, but will also provide a smooth experience throughout the project's development.

Managing Voice-Over

You will not have to worry about voice-over casting or directing since a professional animated explainer video agency will take care of everything. The studio can better guide and offer types of narration to better match a production after developing a clear picture of the client's company and message during the screenplay process. It will save you the time and effort of having to think about it and find voice actors.

Animation Studios' Affordability

Startups must figure out how to spend their money wisely. It's critical to choose an explainer video-producing business that charges a fair price for its services. Making a comprehensive explainer video should only take up around half of your marketing budget, leaving you with enough money to prepare the strategy for additional initiatives. It's perfectly fine to spend more than you've budgeted to make a video with the greatest visuals, but it's not recommended.


The amount of digital information available is continuously increasing. You must stand out to grow your brand with digital content. Make sure you select a firm whose work is original and created from scratch, rather than using stock illustrations from the Internet. An animated video with a distinct visual touch and identifiable styles may be created with a unique explainer video.

The following tips will hopefully help you whenever you look for how to make an explainer video? Must consider these tips in mind to create an explainer video that will match your needs perfectly.


Now we have come to an end that it is critical to set up enough time to sift and interview explainer video agency before moving ahead with your new partner. The largest advantage you'll notice when you choose the appropriate partner is peace of mind, knowing that the project will be done on time, on budget, and without any bumps along the way.

Allow time to assess your existing requirements and seek a suitable partner/studio. Allow them to put their animation skills to work on other aspects of the production (scriptwriting, sound, etc.). Find someone you can trust and respect their decision-making process. These will not only ensure a fantastic outcome, but also some restful nights of sleep.

Instead of this if you are searching for a mid-market or pocket-friendly solution then we recommend you work with VideosExplainer because it is a perfect option for startups or mid-ranged businesses. They provide their services at a cost-effective price starting from 799 USD. In this article, we have assembled a list of suitable explainer video companies for your assistance now choose the agency that best suits you.

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