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Top 5 Video Production Companies in USA for Startups and Small Businesses


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Explainer Video Agencies in the USA

The animation video production firm in the USA appears to be a solid financial decision because animated films have become one of the most often utilized forms of material to advertise products and services for companies.

Explainer videos and other animated videos like 2D and 3D have become devastatingly important in this digital world. It might be difficult to find a skilled and well-prepared corporate video production firm to create your next animated explainer video. If you conduct a fast search on the Internet, you may come across a slew of various options, each with its own set of abilities, skills, and services. If you are like most people, finding one that precisely matches your unique needs might be a major problem.

We wanted to assist you in your quest, so we did all the legwork for you. We have compiled a list of some explainer video companies in the USA based on their knowledge, talents, and intriguing portfolios. There could be a hundred options for you to pick from when considering getting your next explainer video done.

But, if we talk about a budget friendly, mid-range market, yet so professional company. We suggest you take a look on the portfolio of VideosExplainer (www.videosexplainer.com). With the assistance of the hardworking and talented animators of this firm, they promise that they will create a frame-by-frame design from scratch, with no shortcuts, no drag-and-drop tools, and no templates and provide 100% custom artwork.

Animation agencies in the USA

Are you in search of how to create an explainer video? Which perfectly suits your desires then no need to worry. We are here to minimize your search. Here is a list of some explainer video companies in the USA.

  1. VideosExplainer

  2. Flickerlabs

  3. Bix Pix Entertainment

  4. Clockwork VFX

  5. Click Play Films


VideosExplainer, established since 2013 is an explainer video agency that provides quality work in a given timeframe. This explainer video company is the best suited option for you if you are a startup owner or a mid-sized company looking for a light-on-pocket solution for your next explainer videos. VideosExplainer is a top-experienced firm when it comes to describing the business like “Explainer Videos for SAAS”, “Explainer Videos for Automotive Industry”, “Explainer Videos for Ways to Increase E-Commerce Sales”, etc.

On the technical side, they strictly work on providing aesthetic and genuine explainer videos for their clients. They charge a budget-friendly cost starting from 799 USD. They have a pool of voice-over artists who can deliver explainer videos in any language. They also focus on scriptwriting and write the script that engages their clients. They aim to maintain a healthy interaction with their customers to provide solutions to all the queries and develop good communication. Their initial goal is to transfer your concept of life to the audience through their animated explainer video.

Flicker labs

Flicker Lab, which began as a design and animation company in 1999, now employs its leaders, long-term associates, and imperative partners on a variety of projects, including concept-to-screen development and production, as well as the design and execution of commercials and broadcast promos. Flicker Lab works with customers to expand the reach of their projects through advertising, Internet impact, online marketing, and merchandising, in addition to high-quality creative digital content production.

Bix Pix entertainment

Bix Pix Entertainment is a firm that creates unique animation for television, cinema, and independent customers. Bix Pix uses a range of stop-motion methods in addition to conventional clay animation to create a unique entertaining film to target their massive audience.

Clockwork VFX

Clockwork is a visible effect and computer-generated animation studio. The development of high-end CG visual effects and animation for the commercials industry has been their primary business for the past 8 years.

Click play films

Click Play Films is a 3D animation studio dedicated to providing excellent production value at the price of 5000 to 7500 USD. They optimize the value of the end-product by not only generating attractive entertaining films but also injecting scientifically proven qualities to enhance marketing effectiveness, all while understanding the client's objectives and conversion goals.

Worth of Explainer videos

It is all about telling a tale with content. Your major aim as a content creator is to deliver a message that motivates, persuades, and convinces your audience to take action. Whether it's a narrative about your product, your customers, or even compliance improvements. The story, on the other hand, is only as excellent as its implementation. Consider that for a moment. Your audience will be less inclined to act if you have a fantastic narrative but convey it badly. This is where animated video can assist you.

Animated video is a rich, engaging medium that is low-cost, easy-to-manage, and will make your key points stand out. It provides all the advantages of a visual medium while using far fewer resources than you might anticipate.